Motorcycle Wheel Chock “BikeGrab”


Motorcycle Wheel Chock & Paddock Stand

A Motorcycle Wheel Chock can only mean one thing? It’s “BikeGrab” the totally universal chock that has been designed to last and that’s the reason why we give you a lifetime guarantee. It can be used with all bikes old and new on either the Front or Rear Wheel, You simply Ride the motorcycle In, Get off and walk away leaving it firmly and safely holding your bike in the vertical position with its Vice Like Grip. This strong and unique stand is an asset to any biker giving you extra valuable space in the garage by holing the bike upright as opposed to the bike leaning over on the side stand?

In its standard form it will accommodate tyre sizes from 120 to 195mm in width and for sizes below 120mm you will need to use our Reducer Kit shown in the Drop Down Menu.

We also provide the Quick Release kit for securing down to the garage floor or when used in Vans and on Trailers, It is by far the safest and most convenient way to transport a motorcycle with the plate secured down the BikeGrab can be Locked into place or removed in just seconds, Ideal when trailering the bike to the racetrack and then simply remove it in seconds for use on the tarmac !

Get your BikeGrab Wheel chock/paddock stand now, keep your bike safe and secure, over 30,000 sold, Never a Failure!!


Motorcycle Wheel Chock “BikeGrab” Images

Wheel ChockWheel Chock

Motorcycle Wheel Chock “BikeGrab” Video


Bikegrab – the Ultimate Motorcycle Wheel Chock

As you can see from the pictures our Reducer Kit simply clamps into place on the tube with the bolts provided and reduces to gap that holds the tyre firmly in place, it is also worth noting that they can be positioned at indefinite angles from horizontal towards the vertical position to suit your needs and tyre size!

The Quick Release plate enables the BikeGrab to be locked down to the van, trailer or garage floor taking only seconds to fit or remove. Bolt the plate down to the floor in the vehicle or even your garage in the desired position using 4 M10 fixings (not supplied) then slide the Grab into place so the Tabs on the plate engage the baseplate of the stand, the captive 10mm high tensile Coach bolt is then located into the slot at the front of the plate, Tighten this with a 17 mm wrench and your all set to go!

Obviously when transporting a bike you will need to provide extra security by means of tie down ratchet straps engaging the motorcycle to the vehicle for yours and other road users safety!

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